Monday, November 12, 2007

Missing Piece #1: The Watch

Episode 107 - The Watch

Christian: What'cha doing there kiddo?
Jack: Just throwing rocks.
Christian: Good, good. Get all that rock throwing out before you get married.
Jack: It was either this, or being inside with Sarah and the Wedding Planner figuring out where all the flowers should go.
Christian: Wise choice. Listen, before tonight, before, before things get crazy, I wanted to give you something. This was my dad's and I jus... I thought it would only be fitting.
Jack: I've never seen you wear it before.
Christian: Well that's because I never did. Your grandfather didn't really like your mother, and you know, he thought marrying her was a mistake. He told me, to my face, that the day that I got married, an then he gave me this watch. So I never wore it.
Jack: Dad... are you trying to tell me something?
Christian: Unlike me, you have made..the absolute right choice.
Jack: Thank you,
Christian: Oh here, that's yours.
Jack: I guess this is really happening, huh?
Christian: oh, a soon as they arrange those flowers, and you run out of rocks...
Jack: There's a lot of rocks out here.
Christian: Would you do me a favor? If you and Sarah ever have a kid, try to treat him a little better than I treated you.
Jack: No pressure, right?
Christian: I'll see you inside, kiddo.
Jack: Yeah, yeah


capcom said...

Sweet blog Dennis! We can always count on you to keep things organized for us! :-) Added this to the main page of my blog too so those who don't do the TLC thing will know about it as well.

Melissa_Lossa said...

This scene is really odd to me. It must take place the day of Jack's wedding to Sarah, but the night before, Jack and Christian had a similar bonding experience and Christian seemed to think that Jack was making a mistake in getting married. In this scene, he says the exact opposite. Anyone else find this strange?

Der Merzmensch said...

Great! More than great, because here in Germany they wouldn't show these miniseries...Thank you, I've added you to my google reader :-)

memphish said...

I agree this is weird ML. Christian is absolutely sure? So he's that bad a judge of character? That hasn't ever seemed to be the case before with Christian. He's the king of pragmatic.

One of the crazier things I've seen about it so far is renewed speculation that something was up between Christian and Sarah. Of course it could just be the case that Sarah was encouraging him to get into AA (though she hadn't succeeded at this point given the pool scene) so he had a certain respect for her and thought that was good for Jack. Everything we've seen of Sarah seems to demonstrate she's a tough love kind of person, much like Christian himself. Maybe that's why he's sure.

PasswordSwordfish said...

Are each of the mobisodes going to stand alone, or will they all strong together into something else? If they all are connected, then I would be shocked if there is much to read yet in the first one.

Maybe the watch - as the centerpiece of this mobisode - is a sign of the overarching theme to come: time bending/travel.

memphish said...

My hope is that they will be one story instead of just new deleted scenes. I checked hubby's phone this morning at 7 am EST and there was not a new one up at that point.

memphish said...

The 2nd one, about Hurley is up in the Spoiler section of DarkUFO and probably YouTube too.

The bad news is there doesn't seem to be a coherent story tied to these clips. Unless you want to tie Jack's watch into Frogurt's comment about "making time with Libby." :)

Al- said...

Why are these mobisodes/webisodes number 101 or something like that. Does this indicate where in the series does it take place? If not what is the purpose of numbering like that, there not even in ascending order or something.

anyone know?

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