Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Missing Piece #3: King Of The Castle

Episode 101 - King Of The Castle

Ben: So this must be strange to you.
Jack: Not really. Been a while but my dad taught me to play when I was a kid.
Ben: Actually I was talking about you being here, with us.
Jack: I got what I wanted.
Ben: It’s been a long time since I had anybody with a little skill to play against. I don’t suppose there’s anything I could do to convince you to stick around. [Laughs]. Relax Jack. Just an idle question. We have a deal, I fully intend to honor it.
Jack: Intend to, or you will?
Ben: Well it’s not entirely up to me. If the island doesn’t want you to leave, it won’t let you.
Jack: What the, the island’s going to sink the sub?
Ben: No. No. I promise you I won’t do anything to prevent you from getting home. But if you do leave this place, the day may come when you want to return.
Jack: Never.
Ben: I’ve learned never to say never. And if that day comes, I hope you remember this conversation.
Ben: Was a nice try though.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Missing Piece #2: The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt

Episode 103 - The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt

Frogurt: Hello Hurley.
Hurley: Frogurt.
Frogurt: It's Neil.
Hurley: Neil.
Frogurt: What are you doing in Rose and Bernard's tent, Hurley?
Hurley: Nothing.
Frogurt: Nothing, huh? Looks to me like you snagged some DHARMA cabernet.
Hurley: Bernard said I could borrow it.
Frogurt: No worries, bro. I'm not here to get up in your scene. If you wanna steal from Bernie, steal from Bernie. I just have a question for you. What's going on with you and Libby?
Hurley: What do you mean?
Forgurt: I mean are you going to make a move or not?
Hurley: None of your business, dude.
Frogurt: Look tubby, you're holding up the line. You and I both know you're not going to get past doing laundry with her, so how about you back off, and let a real man show her what's what.
Hurley: Really?
Frogurt: Really.
Hurley: Well it just so happens I'm way past laundry. Yeah that's right. In fact, I've got a date with Libby right now. We're going on a picnic.
Frogurt: You got a date with her?
Hurley: Yeah. I'm bringing the wine, she's bringing the blankets.
Frogurt: Well played, Hurley. Well played. But this isn't over. If you can't close with sweet Libby, it's Neil time - now and forever.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Missing Piece #1: The Watch

Episode 107 - The Watch

Christian: What'cha doing there kiddo?
Jack: Just throwing rocks.
Christian: Good, good. Get all that rock throwing out before you get married.
Jack: It was either this, or being inside with Sarah and the Wedding Planner figuring out where all the flowers should go.
Christian: Wise choice. Listen, before tonight, before, before things get crazy, I wanted to give you something. This was my dad's and I jus... I thought it would only be fitting.
Jack: I've never seen you wear it before.
Christian: Well that's because I never did. Your grandfather didn't really like your mother, and you know, he thought marrying her was a mistake. He told me, to my face, that the day that I got married, an then he gave me this watch. So I never wore it.
Jack: Dad... are you trying to tell me something?
Christian: Unlike me, you have made..the absolute right choice.
Jack: Thank you,
Christian: Oh here, that's yours.
Jack: I guess this is really happening, huh?
Christian: oh, a soon as they arrange those flowers, and you run out of rocks...
Jack: There's a lot of rocks out here.
Christian: Would you do me a favor? If you and Sarah ever have a kid, try to treat him a little better than I treated you.
Jack: No pressure, right?
Christian: I'll see you inside, kiddo.
Jack: Yeah, yeah

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